The 5 Ugliest “Pickup Artists”

After Rapist “Pickup Artists” like Rooshv and his posse wrote this article: I felt a post with this title is longgggg overdue, which is partially why I created this blog in the first place! I’m big and beautiful and so are many other feminists, and it’s time they have a piece of our collective mind. So girls, get a can of pepper spray and keep it with you at all times, because you just may be “approached” by one of these ugly nutjobs someday.

Get your pepper spray out. I always carry a big can of inferno.

Get your pepper spray out. I always carry a big can of inferno.

1. Nick Krauser

nick krauser

He kind of looks like:



He thinks he’s an Evil Alpha Overload, but in reality he stands out on the streets of London, day and night, approaching women for sex. He approaches women like it’s his FULLTIME job (LOL!), and yet he only pulls in 27 lays a year. Meanwhile, yours truly raked in 27 lays in 5 weeks sitting on her ass eating Cheetos. And he thinks I’m ugly, hmmmm… Keep Hustlin’ Nosferatu.

2. RooshV


Kinda looks like…

A yeti.

A yeti.

I’m surprised animal control officers haven’t captured him yet, look at him! He left America for the Transylvanian forests of Romania (where he belongs) because he couldn’t handle real women. There, he preys on helpless female villagers, dragging them into the Transylvanian forests where they probably receive severe carpet burn.

3. Chris from GoodLookingLoser


Actually I have to admit he’s kinda cute ‘n’ sexy, but he’s a trashy, dumb douchebag, so he’s ugly. He likes to sleep with 18 year old girls too, despite being older than 30, yuck. What a weird creepo.

4. Matt Forney


Kinda looks like…

Marsh Mellow Man

A white, pasty Marshmellow Man

He thinks his writing is great. I hope he has groupies, because he isn’t getting any otherwise, no matter how “tight” his “game” is. BTW, I think he should lose some weight.

And Finally number 5, Owen Cook:

RSD owen cook.


~ Désirée Meyers-lieBowitz, the TLW.