The 5 Ugliest “Pickup Artists”

After Rapist “Pickup Artists” like Rooshv and his posse wrote this article: I felt a post with this title is longgggg overdue, which is partially why I created this blog in the first place! I’m big and beautiful and so are many other feminists, and it’s time they have a piece of our collective mind. So girls, get a can of pepper spray and keep it with you at all times, because you just may be “approached” by one of these ugly nutjobs someday.

Get your pepper spray out. I always carry a big can of inferno.

Get your pepper spray out. I always carry a big can of inferno.

1. Nick Krauser

nick krauser

He kind of looks like:



He thinks he’s an Evil Alpha Overload, but in reality he stands out on the streets of London, day and night, approaching women for sex. He approaches women like it’s his FULLTIME job (LOL!), and yet he only pulls in 27 lays a year. Meanwhile, yours truly raked in 27 lays in 5 weeks sitting on her ass eating Cheetos. And he thinks I’m ugly, hmmmm… Keep Hustlin’ Nosferatu.

2. RooshV


Kinda looks like…

A yeti.

A yeti.

I’m surprised animal control officers haven’t captured him yet, look at him! He left America for the Transylvanian forests of Romania (where he belongs) because he couldn’t handle real women. There, he preys on helpless female villagers, dragging them into the Transylvanian forests where they probably receive severe carpet burn.

3. Chris from GoodLookingLoser


Actually I have to admit he’s kinda cute ‘n’ sexy, but he’s a trashy, dumb douchebag, so he’s ugly. He likes to sleep with 18 year old girls too, despite being older than 30, yuck. What a weird creepo.

4. Matt Forney


Kinda looks like…

Marsh Mellow Man

A white, pasty Marshmellow Man

He thinks his writing is great. I hope he has groupies, because he isn’t getting any otherwise, no matter how “tight” his “game” is. BTW, I think he should lose some weight.

And Finally number 5, Owen Cook:

RSD owen cook.


~ Désirée Meyers-lieBowitz, the TLW.


36 thoughts on “The 5 Ugliest “Pickup Artists”

  1. Petr says:

    Only Losers who are 5s and with fucked up female standards have to fuck 2s fuck you fat cuntXDD. I almost threw up seeing your picture. You should kill yourself.

  2. Reana says:

    You are just the worst kind of woman. You should feel terrible for cheating on your husband and you should feel EVEN WORSE for acting the way you did to him afterward.

    In fact, if I had toyed with ANYONE’S emotions like that (man or woman), I’d feel so ashamed that I’d consider suicide. Have you ever considered suicide? If you could fit a rope around your neck in the first place, you’d be doing the world a favour.

    I’m surprised anyone would have sex with you, let alone go on a date with you, you delusional sea cow.

    You’re not furthering ‘the cause’ of our gender, you’re just making the sane females look bad.
    Honestly, this feminazi shit has to stop. Do you know what I do for my husband? I fuck him, I cook for him and I clean for him. Sure we both have jobs, but he brings in the vast majority of the money so it is only fair that while he’s out working full time, I’m using my free time to do something useful instead of sleeping behind his back and then making HIM feel bad about it. No idea why yours would stay married to an overweight whore, you have literally nothing going for you.

    Do you even work?

    One last thing- I’m noticing you’re getting a lot of hate. That’s because you decided to post your bullshit stories and pictures of yourself on the internet. Your fault.

    Have a nice day.

  3. … Wow, i’m amazed a fat whore like you can get laid at all… you sure you’re not making all this up in some cake-induced insanity? Things that make no sense are as follows:

    A man would love you enough to marry you… there’s no way this could ever happen.

    A man would have sex with you… your almost three hundred pounds, a man would sooner fuck a sheep.

    I will take personal pleasure in your weight-enhanced mortality.

  4. Shiori4me says:

    How are you gonna diss a guy saying he needs to lose weight yet try and be body-positive for women? And, before you say it, women aren’t the only people pressured to look good in the eyes of society. I know of guys who have felt discriminated against by men or women for their appearance. I don’t care what people think of me on the street, but I just think that you aren’t really being fair. In referring to other posts, ideally, equality in a marriage means everyone gets a fair say, not the society-suggested minority getting the spiteful privelages. Would you get angry if your husband cheated? I’d assume so. So it wouldn’t make it okay for you to do it to him. I do know of open relationships, but if you guys are married, I’m assuming your marriage is closed. I don’t believe in gender roles. I believe that there doesn’t have to be a “man” or “woman” in the relationship, whether a gay or a straight one. So both partners do equal work; I clean this, you clean that. So men shouldn’t have to fear the strength and resolve of women, and the same goes for women.

  5. Professor Nigzzz says:

    27 lays in 5 weeks. I’m sure you are referring to the number of bags of chips you ate. Which, by seeing how massive you are is probably an improvement for your health.

    >Your “Husband” cooks for you…… unless hes high on meth making him capable of preparing buffet sized meals ment for whole families then your’e lieing about his existence.
    >Seriously though you look like your diet consists of nothing but mountains of fast food that was in injected with lard and then further slathered in even more grease.

    Don’t pretend you have a husband. No guy wants to be crushed to death in his sleep or be trampled because his S.O has discovered there only one ice cream left in the freezer.

    Stop posting ludicrousness, go outside and go for a walk or roll or scoot on your mobility scooter.

  6. One Cold Ass Honkey says:

    You are one disgusting pile of human excrement. On here bragging that a couple of niggers muhdikked you? Niggers will always muhdikk a white hamplanet.

    I wonder what kind of stories you’ll be telling us after you have a slew of mixed niglets in tow and a babby daddy whor receives his mail at a Federal Correctional Facility.

    Here’s to hoping that you die of heart disease or the ‘beetus soon.

    You disgust me.

  7. Taylor Johnson says:

    Hmm…yeah…let’s not be telling other people they should be loosing weight. Pot, kettle. glass houses and stones. that whole bit.

  8. Jerome Jackson says:

    What a nasty gigantic sow of a nigger loving cunt you are, who do you think you’re fooling with all these bullshit sex stories. I’m sure you managed to coax a couple of AIDS infected niggers to stick it in but that’s about it…and you brag about this? Welcome to the wonderful world of AIDS mudshark, at least you will die soon whether it be by the hands of a shit stain nigger or AIDS which ever comes first.

  9. Ali S says:

    Good. Lord. I just took a good long look at the author’s picture and then another at the men she’s slating. A more appropriate title should be Irony 101. I’m probably just another misogynist anonymous troll to you, but here’s a reality check – you’re not a TLW, honey, you’re a walking health hazard. See a doc if you want to live beyond 45. If I saw you at the beach, I’d probably gather a crowd to help push you back in the ocean. And God help your husband – for your sake, I hope he isn’t getting any action on the side.

  10. John says:

    Why didn’t you post your own picture with a comparison to a pasty white, obese version of Shrek? You’re mentally ill

  11. Lonny says:

    LOL..this is THE funniest thing I have read in ages and NOT incorrect either. Its a weird world indeed that these so called PUA’s occupy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ummm sweetie? How about you LOSE SOME FUCKING WEIGHT, YOU FAT DISGUSTING COW! Before you criticize others, that is.

    • A. says:

      By your logic, you should have a picture that allows us to judge whether or not you’re hot enough to judge HER.

      Roosh has potential, I suspect, lurking under all that grease and hair. Give the guy a long hot shower (maybe at the carwash so that the fur doesn’t clog your drains) and cut off that mess on his head, and he might even be attractive. The rest of those guys … meh.

      (I’m also not pro-looks snarking, but at the same time when their best argument against women with whom they disagree is FAT!!!! UGLY!!!!, the temptation is hard to ignore.)

  13. The uglier the PUA, the harder it is for him to get laid, so the more game he must have. The ugly secret of game is that a lot of successfull PUA’s are tall, white, good-looking and they should be getting laid even without game. Krauser even addresses this in his latest book. So for me it’s no issue that they’re ugly, it’s more a plus.

    I know that you’re trying to imitate Roosh’ clickbait article of ‘top 10 ugly feminists’ but when the genders are reversed it just doesn’t work.

    • “I know that you’re trying to imitate Roosh’ clickbait article of ‘top 10 ugly feminists’ but when the genders are reversed it just doesn’t work.”

      So you’ve bought into the misogynistic gender-inequality nonsense too. How sad, I was almost going to invite you to write a guest post about how inherently racist PUA culture is.

      ~ Désirée Meyers-lieBowitz, the TLW.

      • Marcus says:

        Lol your a women bragging about getting laid? The fact that you are 300 pounds and get laid shows how EASY women have it to getting laid. Getting laid as a women is like a man bragging about buying a bunch things for women – it requires NO SKILL. Getting laid as a man requires skill

  14. While I don’t approve of dissing people because of how they look, this did make me chuckle. If certain men are going to obsessively define and judge women by their appearance (because judging character, integrity, intelligence etc, takes too much work) I guess they shouldn’t object to being objectified in turn.

    • EXACTLY. They are Finally getting a taste of their own medicine. They judge women’s appearance all the time, as if they are the epitome of physical perfection.

      ~ Désirée Meyers-lieBowitz, the TLW.

  15. Josh says:

    Oh, I felt sorry for you, because there are no replies. I did not want an obese woman to feel so lonely. Hang in there. You’ll loose the weight eventually.

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