I’m (Not) Sorry for Cheating

slut walk
Every hole in my body has been penetrated – outside of marriage – by a lover’s cock.

There, I said it.

So, um. Yeah. I cheated on my husband Harold on a number of occasions. First, I felt guilt, but was I right to feel this way? I was empathic. I was sympathetic. I was trying to figure out what was right and what was wrong. But was I affirmed? No. At the time I confessed my “sins” to him, I had engaged in extramarital affairs with four other men, and I said two dangerous words:

“I’m sorry.”

I felt like the bad guy, I felt like the villain – but then…something changed. I snapped out of this patriarchy-induced trance when I noticed that Harold became even more upset at the news that three of the four men I had slept with were black. Wait – what? Was he really stooping to that? Somehow this act – which the patriarchy had deemed “wrong” – was somehow more wrong because their dicks were bigger?

The activist in me took over. I grew angry. I was angry for all the women who had been made to feel like the villain because of a moment of weakness in a sea of oppression. I was angry for all the persecuted minorities who are held to stricters standards for the same crime. He had the GALL to judge me negatively while he HIMSELF was some domineering puppet of a larger power hierarchy?

And thus, I attacked. I described in detail the large, dark members that entered me from different angles, from different positions. I described every squeal of extramarital ectasy I uttered on our bed while he was at work. I just couldn’t take it, and it was during those moments that I realized the TRUTH of the situation; I was NOT sorry, and every inch of my lover’s cock that penetrated my backside signified my fortitude – my strength to assign responsibility where it was due. The strength to realize that it was not my fault that I cheated.

sick of patriarchy

The strength to stand up on behalf of every woman who was made to feel marginalized because her live-in domineering monster pushed her to into the arms of another man. What followed was a microcosm of the patriarchy’s own impending crumble – Harold broke. He cried. I cried. We cried together, and in the end….there was understanding.

And then, as he cried in my arms, I took the higher ground; I forgave him.

But this is something people seldom understand. Alas, it would be the height of irresponsibility for myself – or anyone – to accumulate this kind of wisdom without making an attempt to teach.

I am a teacher. And I am affirmed. And most pertinently – I’m not sorry.

Are you?

~ Desiree Meyers-Liebowitz


277 thoughts on “I’m (Not) Sorry for Cheating

  1. MIKE says:

    A friend sent me this and it absolutely blows my mine how people like this think. You are responsible for the actions you do. If you agree to something and break that promise you have done a wrong. You can fuck all you want. Nothing is wrong with a ton of sex with multiple people. However once you agree to be faithful to someone and then betray them you should feel bad about it. This is the issue with many modern movements. They say any feeling of guilt you have about wrongs you have done are not your fault. It’s not patriarchy that want you to feel bad about something that is not wrong. It’s a feeling you need to accept and take responsibility for.

    You have no value as a human being. Anyone that says otherwise is lying to you. You are a narcissistic nothing hiding behind feminist banner and the world is damaged by your very existence.

  2. Sadworld says:

    which the patriarchy had deemed “wrong”

    No social norms deemde wrong. You are saying that all women are whores and need to be fucked by countless men wow what a way to make women out to be children, sluts and simple minded all in one fucking stupid article.

  3. What's this then slut ? says:

    That’s a good enough reason not to get married.
    You had only one promise, is to simply be faithful. Don’t create bullshit excuses to support your dirty whorish behaviors.


  4. EK says:

    Wow. IF this is for real, then you now hold the spot in my mind of a new low for humanity. I was horrified enough by the disgusting account of how very little you value your partner and your relationship, but this was far overshadowed by how delusional you are. You believe you are enlightened? You truly believe you are a teacher? My stomach is queasy from the possibility that this is for real, rather than a a pathetic attention-seeking exercise. Either way, I feel deeply sorry for your husband, or for that matter, anyone who makes the mistake of trusting you.

  5. What kinds of lovers did you have? Sperm whales? Yeesh, hopefully you didn’t pull anything into your gravitational forces.
    I feel like you are just talking about shoving food into your ‘openings’ since you are no longer human shaped. Watch out for flying harpoons, you fat piece of shit. Also, stop claiming to be a feminist. Feminism is about equality for men and women, not moon-sized lardbags to do whatever they want without consequence.

  6. Ronnnnnnnny says:

    Lmao that is your lovers power, you are just the object of sexual release. As insignificant as your husbands tiny penis. Thank you for providing a true Alpha male with your servitude.

  7. You, are an absolute cunt. And I mean that in the absolute worst sense of the word. Cheating, useless as tits on a nun, feminazi CUNT!!
    Yes, you should feel guilty, because you cheated on you husband, then rubbed it in his face, and emasculated him. You took what was his disdain for you fucking black guys, and turned it into a gender issue, which it clearly isn’t. Then you had the absolute gall to demand an apology from him. The only thing he should be sorry for is the day he met you.
    Harold has clear grounds for divorce, and if i were him, I would follow up on that immediately. Unfortunately, you have whipped him into submission enough that he probably lacks the intestinal fortitude to stand up to you.
    Although I doubt it’s possible for your feminitwit brain to conceive the thought, put yourself in his position. Had he cheated on you, even once, you would be outraged. Had he cheated on you multiple times as you did, then rubbed it in your face, as you did him, you would be burning up the phone lines to find a divorce lawyer, and your posts about HIS infidelity would be all over every social network on the internet.
    Maybe we’ll be lucky one of these days and see that you’ve been hit by a bus while crossing the street to a feminist rally.

  8. Kaitlin says:

    This is so many levels of disgusting I don’t even understand. How can a woman as yourself try to call yourself a feminist let alone try to represent women around the world. Unlike the cruel responses of some people on here I don’t give a fuck what you look like, who you are, who you’ve fucked. I give a fuck about the fact that you are misrepresenting the female sex.

    YOU made a PROMISE… you SWORE on the day you married him that you would stay faithful. In no WAY did the “Patriarchal Society” force you into a marriage with this man. If you were so unhappy you had the OBLIGATION… no the DUTY to end it and go to whoever makes you happy. To sit here and rationalize your cheating as making it HIS fault is ridiculous. Yes I agree men can drive their women into the arms of other men through making them unhappy… but you as well as those women are married or in a committed relationship, and despite you or them being unhappy your partner did not ask you or tell you to cheat.

    It is not the patriachry’s fault… it is not your husbands fault… it is yours and the fact you rationalized to the point you feel it’s okay is disgusting. Stop writing on behalf of the female sex and find a new hobby please.

    • well said. i would have been more colorful in fact i think i will be. someone posted this on facebook and this was my response “bull fucking shit it isn’t your fault if you want out get a divorce, you are in control of your actions you mindless cunt nobody forced you to cheat and yes you are a shitty excuse of a human being.”

    • I could not agree more, Kaitlin. Troll or not, it’s media like this that perpetuate the misrepresentation and misunderstandings of feminism. I do believe that the husbands heightened concerns for the ethnicity of his wife’s extramarital partners is a nasty aspect of modern patriarchy. Beyond that, one can blame no one and nothing for one’s actions

  9. Justin Banjak says:

    Whether you like cheating on your husband or not. If that is what gets you off (cuckolding). Or if your just a slut that that isn’t satisfied with your husband in the bedroom. You should feel bad. You made a promise to be faithful to him and YOU BROKE THAT PROMISE. He loved you and expected you to be faithful. He was faithful to you.

    AND YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD. YOU SHOULD FEEL GUILTY. Those are completely normal reactions to what you did. But the fact that you are turning around and saying you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Tells us what a heartless slut you are.


    YOU DID THAT. YOU ACTED LIKE A CHILD. Instead of standing up and actually being a strong woman and addressing your problems with your husband straight up. You went behind his back and spitefully broke your marriage vows.

  10. FistingForDollars says:

    This is pretty good stuff, from one of the more durable trolls I’m aware of.

    I mean, obviously no sane and sober man is going to touch a woman who looks and acts like this, let alone actually bang her, so we can be pretty sure it’s fiction. And obviously “Harold”, even if he’s likewise a ghastly blob wasting other people’s oxygen like the character the author portrays, isn’t going to put up with nonsense like this from someone with no other redeeming features, or hygiene.

    I’d give it a B+, easy. Because I’m an affirming kind of guy.

  11. Ryan K. says:

    I am appalled by this ridiculous, illogical tirade in every sense of the word. It amazes me that you can be so gung-ho about cheating on your husband, and be proud of your actions. I am especially astounded by your statement that you “forgave” your husband. For what? For being a man and therefore part of the discrimination women face by default? Did you forgive him for BEING cheated on? Please, ma’am, explain to me how, in any way whatsoever, your husband was on the wrong.

  12. Spikelovesall says:

    This woman is nuts. There’s never a ‘good’ reason to cheat. And she didn’t even give a reason in general as to why she did, just kept on saying it was his and the patriarchy’s fault.

    Um, sorry honey, but the patriarchy didn’t make you cheat on your husband. The fact that you have a very high sex drive that you don’t feel like confining to one person does. If she has that many needs to fill and is so truly not sorry for cheating on her husband with multiple people, then she should just embrace that maybe married life isn’t for her. If anything, perhaps she should embrace polygamy. It might be perfect for her. But otherwise she needs to find someone who’s comfortable with an open relationship/marriage and stop bitching about how everyone isn’t just sleeping with each other “because of the patriarchy.”

    Now, this article would be MUCH different if, say, she explained how her husband had cheated on her/cheats on her, and though he expected forgiveness from her, he was angry when she had her own “moment of weakness.” THEN she might be able to talk about how she’s “not sorry” and about how her husband was imposing a double standard on her as a woman, etc, etc, yadda yadda yadda.

  13. Kenny says:

    Such a sorry ass cunt. I hope you choke on that cheeto that you are more than likely inhaling. You are a sorry excuse for a “woman.” This new feminist move is ridiculous. I hope you one day realize that you are a worthless piece of shit…that is if you live through choking on that cheeto.

  14. Sarmonster says:

    OK, I’m appalled at the comments. I’m sorry. I want to hug you. I have zero problem with opposing the patriarchy, I have zero problem with you consensually fulfilling your sexual desires, and if you are fat, cool. So am I. It’s not a bad thing to be. Really, it isn’t. I’ve had a LOT of one-night, glorious hedonistic flings, and I have ZERO regrets about those. I was not in a relationship, I was not breaking a promise I’d made to another human being whom I love. Lack of integrity hurts feminism. If we can’t be honest, let alone to our nearest and dearest, we’re just a bunch of punks flipping off people on the street, which is fine, I suppose, but not if we want our push for equality to be taken seriously.

    • So maybe my view doesn’t count, being a member of the patriarchal establishment or what have you, but here it is anyway.

      I’m also appalled at some of the comments. But also by the original post. No, cheating on your spouse (man or woman) has nothing to do with throwing off your chains of bondage to the society that oppresses you. It has everything to do with integrity. If you say you’ll be faithful to your husband (or wife), that doesn’t mean “except when it’s not convenient”. Sure, sometimes we make a mistake, because we’re human. That’s one thing. I won’t judge whether or not you should be sorry for what you feel. Feelings are, and that’s it. But maybe you need a different kind of relationship with your husband, as the other poster says. But, then, are you sorry for hurting another human being who you (presumably) promised to love/cherish/etc.? That’s a whole separate issue. The whole issue of being upset at the race of your extramarital affairs is quite another set of issues though. Another set of issues that makes me sad. Kind of like treating a promise and a commitment so cavalierly.

    • DildoJammer says:

      “Equality” he didn’t cheat on her, and she obviously doesn’t have a job, or pay bills, if she’s fucking while he’s at work. And she had the gaul to “forgive him” if this is real, it just reinforced my hatred of women turning feminism into a whore’s cry for attention and fight for power, and make me support guys like War Machine

      • DildoJammer says:

        Well, never mind, I just saw what this swamp donkey looks like. This is obviously fiction- even with a clothespin on your nose and your eyeballs gouged out from seeing this atrocity naked, you’d still ha e to feel it as you slid “every inch” in while it howled it’s klingon wilderbeest howl. But, if you read this article and pretend her voice is half Rosanne Barr, half Barry White, it improves the experience a hair

  15. Concernd Citizen says:

    You are not a feminist. You’re nuts. Your complete lack of remorse and empathy combined with attention-seeking, self-centered behavior are symptomatic of a serious personality disorder.

    Consult a mental health professional.

  16. Daniel says:

    Is this Cuckold Erotica? This can’t be real. No one is this sick and twisted… right? Please tell me no one is this mentally fucked up. Actually, I am not sure who is worse: the wife/author, or the husband who puts up with this kind of twisted shit.

  17. sirenella says:

    And you’re a contributor in the reason why misogyny continues to exist.
    Hey, maybe you can rent yourself out to a brothel!

  18. g$ says:

    That was a longwinded rationalization. You’re horny, I’ll give you that, but rather than just cop to it and retain some semblance of honor, you make your lack of character someone else’s fault, which adds a sort of annoying, arrogant cheapness to your dishonesty. You’re trying to turn cheating into good literature. You suck as a writer and you’re worthless as a life companion. You’re probably pretty good at oral sex, though, so somebody out there has some use for ya. Yawn.

  19. WTF?? If you weren’t happy, you should’ve confronted him about it and if you didn’t settle it that way, than why didn’t you break up with him? At least that’s what adults do. How can you blame someone for cheating on him? It’s just a pathetic excuse, and you’re hiding behind it. Men cheat on women and women on men, that’s how it’s been since for ever, it’s just human nature. And those excuses are NOT going to fix your relationship and your life. Grow up and accept responsibility, you’re making a fool put of yourself and setting a bad example for young girls!!

  20. No. If you tried to work on the relationship, then that mitigates your cheating. If you did your best to honor his wishes (monogamy) and he didn’t honor your wishes (non-monogamy), then it’s a bit better. If you made a conscious decision to cheat as a better option than leaving him, with an honest desire to have his best interests at heart, then that is a mitigating factor as well. If you just cheated because you feel entitled, then you’re a “cheat” in the legitimately bad sense of the word – a liar who betrayed your primary partner by violating the mutual and consensual relationship you shared. You should be ashamed.
    If you chose to fight the legitimate sexism in society by punishing him through infidelity, then you’re a bad person, just like if you had whacked him with a baseball bat because some other guy beat his wife. He didn’t deserve it and you should apologize and be sorry.
    If you make a promise to your primary partner (fidelity) and then break it, you should have good reasons, lots of effort to avoid it, and an apology to offer.
    So yes, be enlightened sexually but this is not sexual enlightenment. You’re just doing what you want and stepping on Harold’s feelings in the process, and being pretty vindictive about it as well.
    All I see in this post is you cheating and then manipulating him into taking all the blame. You are in no way enlightened from what I see. Be proud of your sexual openness, but don’t forget to take some responsibility for your personal integrity.

      • Desmond Cannon says:

        You are the worst type of person. How can you preach equality and then derogatorily infer that a person has aspergers just because they disagree with your opinion. Try being a little introspective for once, mull over whether or not all this bs you’re spouting is even remotely logical or if its just defensive arrogance and projection. I should also add because I have an especially bad taste for people like you, that when you make a conscious decision to commit to anything, you either abide by your convictions or face the ramifications . only a weak minded, ignorant, arrogant fool would attempt to delude one’s self into a false justification such as yours.

      • James says:

        What’s it like to be so big that you have planets orbit you? Your husband is a dumbass for marrying you. You are literally bottom shelf. Well bottom floor technically because you’re too fat to fit on a shelf.

      • splooge says:

        nice physique, do you have OCD when it comes to food…..jabba the slut.
        you are not fighting for anyone, you found and opening to reframe the arguement and make him feel bad and insecure. I dont think he was racist.

        • She was the racist. She picked 3/4 dudes after racially profiling them for big dicks. Pigs like that need big dicks in order to feel anything at all. She didn’t just gone with the flow of some encounter and forget she had a family; it wasn’t some slip, she went out to hunt for some bid cock. The poor husband at home wasn’t crying over the race of her sex partners – but over her complete lack of humanity.

          And then “she took the moral high ground” by forgiving her victim! Dammit, what a hideous creature.

    • Yyvone says:

      ‘It’s not my fault I did the things I did, it’s everyone’s else fault I did the things I did. I have no inherent control of my body; it’s so at the whim of the ‘patriarchy’ that I am forced to sleep with other men to derive a sense of self worth and accomplishment as a feminist while being completely unaware of the strange paradox I’ve placed myself in.’

      Yep, that about does me for the night.

  21. fuckhambeasts says:

    Please stop using feminism or “boo-hoo white male privilege” as an excuse to cheat on your husband. You both married because you trusted each other, but what you are doing now is disgusting. Why even engage yourself in a relationship when you know you will cheat?

    Marriage is not an obligation you twisted blob of fat.

  22. john says:

    Cheating on your SO is a shit thing to do, and proclaiming it loudly to the world basically points out that you have an almost sociopathic lack of empathy for anything other than your own perceived needs.

    What will you do do to top this spectacle? Run naked down Broadway smothered in Bavarian cream and call yourself a danish?

    As for being a TLW, you are more properly termed a “hambeast”. I am married to a larger women and while it does cause her some grief over body image, she does work towards a goal of being healthier. Even if you lost the weight, there would still be a darkness in your soul that is a danger to yourself and all other around you.

    BTW, have my real email address. In case you have some other golder nugget of justification for your chaeting you have for me to consider.

  23. Ray says:

    I hope you seek professional help, you clearly suffer from multiple mental illnesses. I’m being completely sincere. Good luck.

  24. Shir says:

    This is exactly why open relationships between people excist. you sound like a very strong woman that can deal with changing the norms you live by and there’s nothing wrong in being with more than one person as long as it’s done with honesty and respect. no one own’s your body and your will, but be fair about it!

  25. Your first sentence made me think, as a writer and editor, “EVERY hole? Both nostrils? Both ears? Every pore in your skin? Your pores are enlarged, sweetie. Better put some firming cream on that.”

  26. You couldn’t even divorce him and take his money because dun dun dun extramarital sex. That’s actually the one grounds for immediate fuck offs from a judge. Any half decent lawyer would get him off Scott free and possibly have you paying HIM alimony.

    Also, negros themselves make up 39% of the hiv+ community. I hope you are now infected.

  27. #growup says:

    Is it not feminists who say men that a man in a relationship isn’t entitled to sex however when the shoes on the other foot the rulebook goes out the window I think this is a troll otherwise this person should be diagnosed with a mental illness and be taken away from society where she cannot harm anyone

  28. Betty DeVille says:

    You go girl! That’s fantastic! Obviously if Harold really loved you he would have taken care of your needs and romanced you more often so you didn’t have to cheat. You should divorce his ass, take half of his money and go find as many lovers as you need baby!

    You’re beautiful and only deserve the best! Don’t let any of these obvious trolls get you down.

    • WhenErroneouslyCalledFeminismDefeatsTheWholePurpose says:

      You never HAVE to cheat. You decide to.
      And if your head is that backwards, I can definitely see how you perceive that as beautiful. What a nightmarish and warped vision of self-respect you have. I pity you.

  29. Gem says:

    What if it was Harold that cheated on you? hate people that use feminism just to say if something you did was wrong it was all a man’s fault -.-

  30. empyre706 says:

    I think you basically have no right to be angry at him, nor do you have the right to speak, because need I remind you? YOU CHEATED ON YOUR HUSBAND. I think you are the one that stooped so low by cheating on him with black men. Oh I know exactly how he feels. My unfaithful whore of an ex cheated on me with 2 black guys. Not as bad as you, but bad nonetheless. I know exactly how Harold feels. So please, do every man a favor and file for a divorce. Because your (ex-?)husband would be much better off without you.

  31. Ivy says:

    This is the most disgusting few paragraphs I have ever read. It’s so absolutely backwards…

    You are delusional, abusive, and you fucked up so bad that your mind had to resort to insanity just to justify your hideous actions. I never usually say this to people but I legitimately believe the world would be better off without you. Please kill yourself

  32. Maverick says:

    Can you do me a favor, you fat sack of cheating horse tits.
    Can you please roll yourself off the nearest cliff.
    And take your husband with you since he was stupid enough to marry your whore ass in the first place.
    God damn.

  33. WhenErroneouslyCalledFeminismDefeatsTheWholePurpose says:

    Your “inner activist” is lacking a head on your shoulders.
    And your lack of respect for your spouse is repulsive. I daresay he’s much better off without you.

  34. MissingNo says:

    Black guys get all the best women!

    Hopefully next time one of their “dark members” enter your mouth, you’ll suffocate, you disgusting whale.

  35. FeministsShouldBeKilled says:

    What a disgusting fat hambeast, and nigger dicks? Lol you’re a failure at life cunt, go kill yourself. 🙂

  36. Erik says:

    Wow. Just listen to yourself. You cheat on your husband and you have the audacity to forgive him?!?!? You are such a bitch. It’s women like you that make me laugh at feminism and feminists in general. Sounds like you’re the type of person who blames others for your own sort comings as are most of you feminist nazis. Seriously, please, just take a look at your story again. Maybe you’ll see how fucking stupid you are.

  37. Professor Nigzzz says:

    Lets just pretend for a moment that your husband is real (he’s not though) and you actually did have an affair with him (can’t have an affair with something that doesn’t exist).

    There is a giant loop hole in your story you didn’t account for; That these guys would be left with the huge problem of trying to located you holes! Your mouth, being the only hole accessible without the help of industrial lifting equipment; would have been a no-go for them as they fared for their safety when you couldn’t distinguish between them and the cake you would be constantly stuffing down your gaping Maw. Now, lets just pretend that these (“totally real and not made up because you actually believe in 1950-70’s sexism”) guys did bring along a forklift, lifting straps and a hospital bed that could support every one involved’s weight, (none actually exist, but were pretending here) actually did manage to set everything up and remove all the fat and get to your Ass.

    Then there’s that common problem you whales face because water has been replaced in your diet by soda. Rather then shitting like normal people, the lack of water in your diet leaves the system to get built up and there’s allot of you to build up into. shortly after penetration, the room would be covered in shit. Leaving the house uninhabitable for weeks while a very miserable Hazmat team charged with cleaning this mess re-think their life choices.

    Not even a Troll goes through this much of an effort of making stupid shit up. You are well and truly a deluded Fat sack of shit that blames others for your own short comings.

  38. Personal attacks aside, you basically are describing why you feel your lustful self centered pursuits were justification for eschewing commitments you made in good faith. While it is not my place to judge you, certainly your husband is not a microcosm for malehood… his breaking effects ‘malehood’ not one whit… basically you have treated another human poorly to indulge in your own pleasure when you could have achieved the same results in an open and honest fashion by simply breaking up with your spouse and living freely as you so choose. perhaps you aught turn that critical eye inward and examine your own ability to function at a level of empathy more becoming a person of wisdom. We are all responsible for our own actions, if nothing else.

  39. Dexter says:

    Okay, so he’s messed up as a husband in a few areas and, as you so gracefully put it, pushed you into the arms of (numerous) other men. If he’s ignoring you or not putting effort into the relationship with you either physically or emotionally, fine. He fucked up and obviously needs something to reinvigorate his need to meet your needs. However, you’re the one responsible for your own actions and instead of talking to him and dealing with the issue(you know, the whole through thick and thin thing – not a fat joke, I promise), you’ve chosen to exacerbate it by taking multiple sexual partners behind his back and then pinning the blame on him when you had full cognitive awareness of your actions and the potential repercussions of them.

    Not only is that betrayal in regards to your marriage, but yourself as a feminist. Feminism isn’t supposed to be about false superiority, but it seems like that’s what you’ve turned it into in your mind. Though I doubt that you think of it as “false”, your lack of acceptance of responsibility has turned it into exactly that. You’re not superior in that situation, despite his supposed lack of spine(I say supposed because in all reality, I have no idea what his perspective on the matter is). You’re inferiority doesn’t come from being a woman or any kind of patriarchy. It comes from him owning up to his shortcomings as a human and accepting that he may not have done things correctly and from your complete lack of willingness to feel remorse for the hurt you caused him as a result of your actions.

    I’m interested to know, what would your reaction have been had this situation been flipped? Remember, if it would be unfair to you it was probably unfair to him too.

  40. NelllieD1414 says:

    Listen here you massive landwhale that likes to pretend she’s a human being. I don’t like slut shaming, but that’s EXACTLY what you are. A slut. I would like to say I hope you get hit by a bus but you are so fucking massive you would injure the passengers and most likely the driver if you were struck.

    Don’t use feminism as an excuse to hide the fact that you are terrible person. Don’t blame your cheating on other things, just blame it on the giant seeping cavern you refer to as a vagina. Lose weight you disgusting blob of skin.

  41. LOL! says:

    Trust me, he’s better off than you are. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? Trust me, those black guys were only banging you porno style like the fat chicks always get banged by black guys. Congrats . .. you were banged by some black guys that had no attraction to you whatsoever and no respect for you whatsoever and just needed a place to shoot their load.

    • John Didlees says:

      Well it’s obvious that you are a big fat whore, a sex slave you are nothing than a fucktoy for men, you have less selfrespect then a rapist and you will live the rest of your life alone.

  42. Captain Ahab says:

    Aye, aye! it was that accursed white whale that razeed me; made a poor pegging lubber of me for ever and a day!

  43. Truthseeker says:

    You’re certainly in an abusive relationship, but your husband isn’t the abusive one.

    Don’t try to hide your inexcusable behaviour behind “activism” – you cheated on a person with whom you vowed to have an exclusive relationship, then you bullied him relentlessly until you broke his heart – then, instead of feeling remorse and pity like any decent human being should have done, you revelled in it.

    As a principle I don’t wish misfortune or sadness upon anyone, not even the most wretched and awful people, but I will satisfy myself by saying that I sincerely hope that you are treated as you treat others.

  44. It is strange to me that people here actually take you seriously and take time to reply when it is obvious, not only your husband isn’t real, you even came up with some fantasy about being liked and having affairs with multiple men. Granted, African-Americans will shag anything these days, but even they. even though very low, have standards.

  45. Rokoy Cabagnot says:

    Hiding from your feminist views does not absolve you from being a slut. That just makes you a feminist slut. (I don’t even know if your story is real)

  46. Fred Fredburger says:

    To quote the great poet Dr.Dre,

    Bitches aint nothing but hoes and tricks.

    He was talking about people like you.

  47. You are a disgusting, horrible human being.
    You are not an affirmed woman; But a small-minded, frightened little girl who thinks of no one but yourself, and the need to feed your gluttonous heart.

    I hope you get HIV as proper juxtaposition.

  48. Josh says:

    You should be utterly ashamed at yourself.

    To have no regard for your husband’s heart in the way that you don’t is cruelty of the highest caliber. There is absolutely no excusing your actions. They’re selfish, and destructive.

    You need to repent.

  49. Shotgun says:

    What a disgusting, miserable whore. I hope you get every disease known to man and die a rotting, wasting death. You deserve nothing better.

  50. Heydrich says:

    You are a disgusting fat whore. No man in their right mind would touch a creature like you. The best thing you can do for society is kill yourself.

  51. WabaJaba says:

    Stop trying to justify what you did. What you did is wrong. You are a cheating whore. If you wanted to fuck other guys, get a divorce. Don’t try to rationalize it.

  52. Your Poor Body says:

    I hope you realize that you are disrespecting your body that you find so beautiful every single day. As I type this, your fat cells are constantly releasing cortisol and other hormones overworking your endocrine system. Your tremendous central obesity is growing new blood vessels forcing your heart to work harder against even greater pressure in your abdomen. In fact, the pressure has become so great, unbeknownst to you, that your heart has shifted slightly more horizontally to accommodate. The circulating fats and cholesterol in you system are too much for your liver to handle and even though it tries desperately to keep up, the fats still degrade and are forced into your blood vessel walls forming atherosclerotic plaques, increasing your risk of stroke and heart attack with each day. In the middle of it all is your poor pancreas, dwarfed in comparison to the rest of your girth, desperately cranking out insulin screaming to your body to absorb glucose. If you’re not diabetic, this shout is just loud enough for your cells to hear and your pancreas will soon become to tired to continue. If you are diabetic, your pancreas has already given up. Your joints are groaning under their increased load, slowly wearing away their cartilage and bone in an attempt to keep you mobile. On top of all this, your immune system is likely assaulted with a multitude of asymptomatic strains of HPV and HSV mutating your cells from your many sexual partners, increasing your likelihood for cancers and diseases of all kinds. Your outlook is bleak, please lose weight.

  53. Get Rekt Fatfuck says:

    Did the patriarchy make you obese too, you fat fucking cunt?

    Yes, let’s all focus on how “racist” your husband is and not the fact that you are a whalewhore.

  54. willy wonka says:

    You’re a great example of a dying hominid branch, fat, useless and lacking capacity to reason. May your gene pool die with your withering sack of a body.

  55. From your masthead: “He cleans, he cooks, he’s a wonderful hubby.. :D”

    I guess not.

    Sounds to me like you’re trying to justify your inexcusable behavior with “activism”.

    The truth of the matter is that you’re a huge asshole and manipulative to boot, as you not only cheated on your HUSBAND (with whom you mutually agreed to be in an exclusive relationship), but you also turned things around on him and made it seem like he was the bad guy when you were the one who violated his trust. The bond you shared with him is completely destroyed and it’s remarkable that he hasn’t left you yet to find someone who deserves his love.

    I really, really hope this is a troll because that way real people’s lives aren’t being ruined and people are just being made to look foolish on the internet.

  56. Nice clickbait, you’re a whore on every level. I bet it gets you off.. Even worse, I bet it gets HIM off. You’re probably built like a sausage and no other man will touch you so you two have to act out your cuckold fantasies on your blog. Disgusting.

  57. another feminist says:

    Google atherosclerosis because it’s what will kill you. Enjoy your remaining ten years on Earth you fat, disgusting whale.

  58. not-so-morbidly-obese says:

    Ok, so we obviously have some massive troll here. I bet this isn’t even a real person but a fake profile probably made by some /b/tard with purpose to annoy every normal and healthy-minded human being.

    Can you guys really believe that this self-gravity-owner COULD possibly find husband, and not to mention some non-existing army of lovers?! Even more, do you think that she can actually find another human being using humanly talents like beauty, charm, wittiness or something similar? I think not! But there are her natural habitat and potential sex partners! Just imagine her mating with the whole float of whales and that DOES look natural in her case although it would be considered as animal cruelty…

  59. twercules says:

    You are obviously trying to crush the last bit of humanity you had left in you (realising what you had done was terrible) and are now trying to find a way to not feel like the shitty waste of oxygen you are. But you are. You are someone of the shittiest kind, and you deserve to have your vagina being rotten away while senility takes over your dusty, untouched body. Cunt.

  60. Aeternam_Deo says:

    Here is an honest attempt to remain objective.

    Your “education” is infantile, biased and limited.

    A) The stereotype that a black male possesses a larger penis(A folly both you and your husband seem to commit) would be more uncomfortable for your husband insofar as it threatens his masculinity. He does not feel as if he can satisfy you, and by cheating, combined with the said stereotype, it would follow that he would be even more hurt upon knowing that three out of the four men were black. It isn’t patriarchy, it is psychology.

    B) This patriarchy you speak of is related to social theory. . . let me be redundant here and state: SOCIAL THEORY. Does that mean it is completely valid or completely invalid? No. While there are certainly points that are valid, you by no means have a grasp on how to properly research and analyze this information.

    You are the type of person that will cry “Whites do not experience racism”, ignoring the somewhat recent human genocides such as the Holodomor, the Holocaust and the Cromwellian genocide. You are the type of person that will cry “Men don’t have to fear walking down the street alone like women do!” while ignoring that approximately 11,000 men were murdered in the U.S. during 2011 while approximately 4,000 women were murdered. Your type -ironically enough- perpetuates a dick-measuring contest instead of attempting to solve problems. Your type is also naive enough to revert to the linear black and white method of thinking, wherein data is put into -yet again, ironically enough- a binary.

    Any progress for social reform -and do not think this to be a pun- is effectively weighted down by you and others like you by the density of your folly. Women have the same capacity to be misinformed, illogical and biased as men do.

    • Tony says:

      Well put. I wonder if she’ll read that comment. I have a feeling she’s gonna delete this blog after reading that comment. You pretty much just blew her the fuck out… with knowledge!

  61. Some Guy says:

    You go on about how great your husband is in your sidebar but clearly have no respect for him. You deserve to be alone.

  62. >implying says:

    >implying you have a husband
    >implying you could cheated on your imaginary husband
    >implying you have found 5 men that weren’t repulsed by you like the bad end of a magnet
    >implying a feminist would have such low standards for herself as to let 5 different men fuck her without giving a fuck about her
    >implying any real person could be so goddamn morally hideous
    >implying any real person could be so completely retarded without being a troll
    >implying you aren’t a troll

    Bravo. Seriously, look at all these people you have upset. You must have you rmasters degree in the art of trolling because what you have just created is a trollish masterpiece. I’m serious, this is one for the ages, and nobody will even realize it because they are all so pissed at this illusion you have created. It’s so convincing that I’m not even entirely sure myself. I will continue believing that nothing in the world could be as absolutely hideous as the real life version of what I have just read and assume that this is all an elaborate ruse to rustle millions of jimmies around the globe, but alas, until the day I day I will always wonder whether such a horrendous she beast landwhale could actually exist in the wild.

    10/10 troll or 0/10 human being

    who fucking knows

  63. fatty fatty fat fat! ugly cunt. you are worthless. i hope you choke on all that fatty fatty food you eat. btw chocolate cake isnt a black persons cock no matter how much you want to make believe. im happy knowing youll have a heart attack soon

  64. gobshite says:

    lol she onbiously know shes a fat bastard with a messed up minge, no one wants her and thats why she dreams all these retarded fantasies lol

  65. I’m embarrassed to be the same species as you. Odious behaviour self justified after the fact.

    You are an unhappy person. That much is obvious. Get help and stop hiding your personal behaviour behind feminism.

    Susan B Anthony you are not.

  66. Me says:

    You’re beyond delusional. You’re just a horrible person trying to justify your actions based on some twisted version of feminism. You are an embarrassment not only to your gender but to your cause.

    Drop dead bitch.

  67. Why do you feel like you have a right to make a person who in your profile description is the love of your life feel that awful? Two wrongs don’t make a right. If your husband is racist then call him out on it and educate him. If you feel that you still can’t get along with him then leave his ass. If you’re an open marriage that’s different but it doesn’t look that way. You really don’t look any better than racists scum and misogynits.

  68. CanYouReadThisYouFatFuck says:

    If you say you love variety, then I suggest, that you choose from the variety that you recieve from Mac Donalds, since you obviously look like you tried all of the Menues, in MacDonalds. Because, holy, fucking shit. You got no potential in the future, you are bald, you are fat. You look like, you could explode at anytime, like a stranded whale.

    Somebody needs to eliminate you with fire, knife and gunfire. There’s no sign of life, in a deadmeat like you. Your “hubby”, which is probably something you imagined up, because nobody would wanna, fucking, marry you. And these black dudes, you’ve been screwing, I bet they thought you as a Water-fucking-melon, because, there’s no chance – a Big, fuck, like you could get any chance of getting laid. A dead animal or deceased people would have bigger chances of getting the D, than you.

    A male would fucking disappear if he penetrated you, you are like the fucking, Pacific Ocean. I bet, your belly button is the only cave, Scientists have not discovered yet.

    I will pray, for your life to be taken away, with the most dull knife in the fucking world, because holy shit, you need to be eliminated, fucking Cow.

    • I'dRatherBeDeadThanBeYou says:

      Dull knife won’t cut through that much fat, dear.
      Just saying.
      Might need a chainsaw, or a woodchipper.

  69. TundraTerror says:

    Yeah, right.

    I’m so fucking sure you have a husband and you are just so desirable that you fuck outside of commitments. My. Ass.

  70. anon says:

    You honestly make me sad. As an atheist I never have believed in an afterlife, So I made it a goal to be as kind and compassionate as I could be to others.
    If you can’t see why your husband is hurt, than you failed your one duty to him, to understand him. You get married and you only owe him one thing and that is love. Love is understanding one another.
    You fail to understand him or all men in general because you have let your self drink the feminist kool-aid. You can’t understand his pain because you have let your own mind get so twisted up in this farce that you can’t see the real pain your causing him.
    I believe he really loves you and wants you to be happy, but you have become selfish. You don’t think of his happiness only your own. While there is nothing wrong with that at all if your single, you have made a commitment to him.
    You will probably right this off as some MRA or anti-feminist misogyny talking to you. That everything you taught yourself with women studies degrees tells you I am wrong, but try talking to your husband about why he is hurt. If you set aside your belief in patriarchy for a minute and try to talk to men and women objectively you might begin to see why people hurt.
    You might be too far gone though, I can tell you it seems like you gotten so rapped up into the idea of this invisible patriarchy you have stopped seeing them as people. Judging by you tweets you think things like opinions and pain are all caused by patriarchy and all the men and women who try to talk to you otherwise are misogynists.
    Maybe you can understand the opposite like that of a preacher that believes every word of the bible so literally that they can’t even understand how to love their gay child. They have accepted such an extreme view on faith that they can’t see other people as human, rather good Christians and the Hell bound. They have shut themselves off from understanding because they have accepted such a radical belief on faith.
    Feminism does the same thing, and it has done it to you. There are lots of video just on youtube alone that show why Feminism doesn’t make sense, and its views are just as toxic and faith driven as any religious zeal. You have become just like the preacher. You can’t see past your own self pleasure to see the pain your causing others is real. Its not because of a patriarchy, its because of your own actions. You don’t feel bad for hurting your husband because of the same reason as the pastor, a toxic belief that alienates others.
    How you choose to deal with this fact is your own. Try to remove your bias for a minute and see how other people actually view your actions. Its not patriarchy, its there morality because we have managed to understand your husbands pain better that you have.

  71. I don’t know if this story is true or false (hoping false), but here’s what I want to know: You allegedly love Harold. You married him. You made vows to him at the altar, and he made similar vows to you.

    So why would you ever do this to him?

    Whether this is the truth or a fantasy, it’s clear that you put no value on either your own word or on the man in your life, because not only do you cheat on him with no less than four other men, you also can’t fathom the idea that he would be upset about you cheating on him with men who have larger dicks. That bit has nothing to do with patriarchy, or even racism: he’s upset because it makes him feel inadequate, like you don’t even want him except, perhaps, for his money. He’s upset because you are making him feel disposable.

    And then, after that, you are so vile as to immediately say anything you can think of just to hurt him. You start regaling him with how you’re not remotely sorry, with how good it felt, with all these things, and you BLAME HIM FOR IT. How could you ever, for a moment, even THINK about doing that to someone you love?

    And last but not least, YOU forgive HIM. For what? For YOUR cheating? He did nothing. You didn’t even tell us anything about what made him a “domineering monster”, at least not in this post; you were too busy telling us all about the dicks you were taking. He is innocent, even in your own account, and YOU are guilty, but YOU forgive HIM…and he just accepts this? This is how abuse victims respond to their abusers, believing they are always in the wrong, accepting what the abuser says. There is only one domineering monster in this situation, and it is YOU.

    This is not a healthy relationship. It seems to be based primarily on control and even hatred. You evidently have no reason to leave, or you would have done so already — besides, you’re the one in control — and I hardly doubt your easily-intimidated husband would even try to stop you. HE has plenty reason to leave, and I can only hope he does.

  72. Shitlord with a Conscience says:

    You monstrous fat fuck. What a worthless waste of (a lot) of space you are. I hope you die alone. It’s sure to be soon, judging from the literal planetary status you have achieved through accumulation of lard. Then your husband will be free of the self-obsessed miserable sack of shit he had the misfortune of marrying. I have literally seen bags of feces that served more of a purpose on this planet than you. Please, do us all a favor and kill yourself. I’m serious. Normally I wouldn’t stoop that low, especially not for some insignificant THING like yourself (you can’t possibly be human anymore with that conscience and all that blubber), but if anyone ever deserved to be told to off themselves, it’s you.

    The world hates you and will rejoice when you die, hamplanet :).

  73. Gustavo says:

    Wow, you gotta be one of the most accomplished trolls ever? I mean, it’s so very clear this blog and character are fake, yet people will still take them seriously and hate on the character you created. Congrats, you must be laughing your ass off with all these responses.
    But don’t you think it’s somewhat sad that you’d go to such lenghts just to get attention?…

    • ArmTheHarpoons says:

      Don’t worry, she will die soon enough with a BMI that high. Her body is doing 5x the work of a normal person’s. A heart can only pump so much. She’ll be dead within 5 years. Disgusting pig.

      • I'dRatherBeDeadThanBeYou says:

        I mean, for fucks sake.
        I’m fat, but I’m not THAT big.
        And I’m actually working out and cutting back portions and eating properly.
        I don’t wanna die at 35 of a heart attack, or get diabetes, or smother some poor guy with my rolls while fucking him.
        In short, I don’t want to be her. Ha

  74. PityYou says:

    The mental kung-fu some people do amazes me, as does their self-deception. This isn’t about patriarchy. This isn’t about power. This isn’t even about control. It’s about a promise made between two individuals… one you were not willing to keep. Then, when your conscience confronted you, you shirk responsibility, making a multitude of excuses with the expectation that your deception be celebrated because of historical trends, and because some women are abused by men.

    Then, you “forgave him,” making your journey to the dark side complete. Do you not have any integrity? Have you no sense of remorse for breaking your husband’s trust? Do his feelings matter at all to you?

    Do you actually love this person?

    Is anything your fault?

    Life must be easy for you, surfing on the injustices of the world and using them to justify betrayal. I’m tempted to toss some personal insults at you, but what’s the point? If you can so easily dismiss the feelings of someone you claim to love/loved, I’m sure you’re utterly numb to the criticisms of others. Your soul is, quite simply, deficient and broken… possibly beyond repair. You’re an empty vessel, filled with the wisps of pop-psychology illusions and slogans. There’s just nothing there, is there? And, later, when you’re cold and alone (and you will be cold and alone) wondering why the love you had vanished, let me assure you those wisps and slogans will not keep you warm and happy.

    I actually pity you. I pity anyone so lost in ego and self-deception. I feel so, so sorry for you.

    Now, by all means, hurl some feckless invective back at me if you want. It doesn’t really matter. This is 288 more words than you deserved anyway.

  75. Jean Poutine says:

    Your “hubbie” must be some sort of depressed masochist with serious insecurities and a fetish for landwhales. Hardly believable.

    Based on the fact that you follow Suicidegirls on Twitter, I recommend you lose some weight so you can score some pussy instead of fabricating fantastical stories on Tumblr…er…Wordpress. Who even uses WordPress?

  76. Thisho Forreal says:

    Bahahahah, TL;DR

    I am a coalburner slut and (like a child) I am not responsible for my actions; The Patriarchy™ made me do it.

    Take responsibility for your actions you degenerate sack of shit. I actually feel sorry for your husband, he must be that much of a bent, submissive bitch that he’s OK with his hag of a “Wife” sleeping around because she has no moral compass and no compassion for her partner.

    I hope he realized what a terrible person you are, takes this blog as evidence of a adultery and takes you to the cleaners for a divorce. Then you can go back to riding the cock carousal instead of treating this man like a door mat.

    Now that I think about it, this has to be a troll, because no-one can literally be this narcissistic to think that they did no wrong by being adulterous and that once again (like all feminists) they can shift the entire burden of blame onto imaginary white men.

    You disgust me, your death would only make the world a better place.

  77. imnotjudgingyouyesiam says:

    Honestly, your husbands feelings towards the Men you cheat with in no way make you doing so any less of a despicable thing to do or somehow make it not adultery. You entered into a marriage, a pledge to be faithful. If you want to keep playing the field and end up alone, do so as a single person. Don’t drag the poor man who trusted you down and treat him this way. You are a twisted manipulative monster, as grotesque on the outside as you are on the inside.

  78. J says:

    Please get a divorce. I’m disgusted by everything that you said. You aren’t mature enough for a committed relationship. You called your husband (and every husband) a “live-in domineering monster” and blamed him for your infidelity. This isn’t feminism, this isn’t equality. This is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  79. Even Prostitutes Have Empathy says:

    Very few times in my life am I even confronted with something so innane, arrogant, self serving, self deceiving that it actually disables my ability to process information temporarily. This is the worst piece of fiction I have ever read, but for arguments sake let’s pretend it’s real.

    When you stated that you cheated in your marital bed while he was at work, which means you do not currently have full-time employment, one can assume he earns most (if not all) of the income while being wholeheartedly supportive of you and your lifestyle choice.

    Your hubby, who you yourself describe as a “wonderful” in your description above, who you claim cooks and cleans for you was hurt by your actions. His pain is proven by his reaction to your confession. You responded to his reasonable emotional distress by getting mad at him, you claim he got enraged after you told him that 3 of the men were black, which gave you grounds to call him racist.

    The reason you do not feel sorry for violating your husband on an emotional level is simply this: you are a terrible person. Claiming that your activist brain kicked in, you manipulated your understanding of the situation in such a way that you became the victim, while in actuality being the aggressor in this event. Really thought it isn’t your fault, you are a member of a cult. http://tinyurl.com/ny8r7sc

  80. no, person

    cheating is not a feminist virtue

    it’s not a virtue at all

    yes, there is free love and all, but you’re in a committed fucking relationship

    you, Anita, and Zoe are reverting feminism back to Andrea Dworkin levels of negative rhetoric

    my friends now sound like my grandfather when he rants about women’s lib



  81. lol good try says:

    Lmao, i don’t think you could get someone to fuck your lardass even if you had a gun to their fucking head. the thought of seeing you naked literally makes me ill. I hope you do everyone a favor and fucking hang yourself. You might need to rent an industrial crane for that one though.

    Also, does your husband wipe your ass for you too? i bet you couldn’t look behind you if your life depended on it.

  82. Carlene Filler says:

    Fatty cheated on her jelly donut with multiple chocolate donuts jelly donut found out from all the chocolate crumbs in her rolls.” I refuse to apologize for deepthroating chocolate donuts”

  83. So you lied to your husband,broke the vows you took, and fucked four guys behind his back……and he’s somehow the bad guy in all of this? Life is a lot easier when you don’t have to answer to reason,logic,or intelligent thought isn’t it?

  84. John doe says:

    I really don’t care about what you do with your private life, but don’t act like you are a good person or that you can take the moral high ground because you cheated on someone proceeded to break them and then blamed them for it, only someone with a twisted view of the world could think that is in any sense acceptable. You are a terrible human and maybe you should accept that

  85. Joe Blow says:

    I read your story and felt true sympathy for your hubby. But then he did marry you didn’t he? You say you “grew up” and that is the funniest part of all your information. All I can say is that I am surprised that even some big, buck toothed, nigger was so desperate as to stick it in you. The fact that you are a total whore only mashes you even nastier. Now you can reply and deny but it doesn’t change the incontrovertible fact that you are just plain NASTY!

  86. i’m just here to say some weirdos on reddit linked this and that’s probably where all the hate came from. some of your replies to these fuckwits are hilarious, you are very funny.

    • Blake says:

      Funny, the first person that isn’t hating on her is also ugly, and full of SJW bullshit on her blog. Fuckin’ Fibro AND Lupus. Do you also have a little social anxiety and some unicorn headmates?

    • Theodora says:

      She would have to be funny as everything else about her is disgusting. Noone could be 100% loser although she’s close.

    • Right, the hate CAN’T be from her filthy fat ugly entitled ass spewing shit that proves why this nation has a lower collective I.Q. rate than it should, can it? It HAS to be TEH PATRY ARKEE LOOZERZ ON REDDIT!!!1!!!1!!ELEBBEN!!

      Enjoy rooming with her in hell. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to yuk it up about there.

  87. To all of you who have posted insults to this woman, don’t waste your time. What she does not yet realize is we all reap exactly what we sow and karma always returns to us what we deserve, it just takes more time than we realize.

    Your anger is due to the timing of karma being ‘slow’ but she will get what she deserves in due time.

      • Theodora says:

        Haha, he’s cursing his life for ending up with such a gross, revolting and stupid pig, unfortunately you’ve broken him so totally he doesn’t even know any other woman would be better and he wouldn’t need to throw up in his mouth being near you. Only a n***er desperate for any white meat would fuck you so don’t go bragging about it .

      • Tortdaddy says:

        You’re fucking fat and anyone who wants someone as nasty as you is fucking stupid as hell. I bet your pussy smells like frito lays

    • PrincessVesper says:

      Please dont. We don’t need shit like her on fet. A cuckold is a man who GETS OFF on his significant other fucking other people and not getting any himself and being restricted from cumming etc. He’s not a cuckold, he’s abused.

      Sincerely- the whole fetish community.

          • xdustinx says:

            “I use men for their bodies, plain and simple.”

            “…I crave variety.”

            Disgusting. FS (Faithful Spouses) deserve better than the likes of objectifying, predatorial, random dick chasing scum like you.

            It’s really weird how those double standards work.

            Quite honestly, I don’t judge people by their looks. But I seriously hope you haven’t swelled your ego up by thinking you’re sought after by people for any reason other than that you’re an easy slut who is willing to cheat on her husband if it means getting satisfied by a big dick. Any woman can get fucked if she wants to, all she has to do is tell a guy to fuck her, and he more than likely will. That’s that whole “patriarchy” thing at work. The easier the girl, the easier the conquest to feeling like a stud.

            And just so you know, your whole lack of guilt based on this non-sensical patriarchy garbage you’re spewing is illogical; because it’s not just men who find infidelity unacceptable – women do too. Just because you don’t, is not proof of this supposed patriarchy you’re crying foul about. You’re not a victim, you’re a scumbag, and it’s sad that your husband will continue to put up with it now that you’re vocally being an unapologetic bully in your marriage. Hopefully he’s smart and has screencapped this entire diatribe to use against you in court when he does finally sack up.

          • Nate says:

            My God you’ve got to be the most delusional man-pig I’ve ever encountered. And by the way, of course you fucked black dudes – they’re the only ones who find disgusting morbidly obese women fuckable.

            And your husband… I don’t know why you’re so mad at the “patriarchy” when you’ve clearly married a spineless worm – certainly not a man. No real man would ever a) find you attractive and b) be so devoid of self worth that they would marry you. Any psych 101 student can clearly see through your facade.

            You’re not desirable. You’re not “sticking it” to the patriarchy, you’re just a sad, miserable fat girl who hates herself so much that she lashes out and clings to ideas that help reinforce her own delusions.

          • Anezay says:

            Do you honestly believe that you are sought after? I promise you, you are no one’s target in the bar. When a man sees you and says to his buddy “man the harpoons,” it isn’t because the hunt is on, it’s because he’s seen a whale, and you are actually so disgusting, it’s funny to them.

    • So no, hubby is here it stay and shan’t be “cleaning me out.” That said, *you’re* free to clean me out – as in clean out my ass.

      With your tongue.

      Bon appetite.


          • Ali S says:

            You’re a fat, nasty whale of a skank. Your ‘lovers’ are pumping and dumping you like you deserve to be treated (along with the ‘gift’ of some STDs perhaps). Deep down you’re still an insecure little (well, definitely not ‘little’) girl who hides behind the facade of ‘feminist whoring’. And your hubby isn’t a man, he’s an emaciated manlet.

          • Name (required) says:

            Will you stop quoting yourself in your comments, your not profound you’re a hypocrite. “I use men for their bodies, plain and simple.” Yeah remember that one?

          • Nate says:

            Chubby? Bitch you’re straight up fat. Let’s not sugar coat things. You’ll be dead before you’re 40 – which is a good thing.

          • Hilarious says:

            It’s funny how you say that he’s ‘objectifying’ whereas yourself, clearly stated and typed in this article, in your own words: “I use men for their bodies, plain and simple.”

            You are hypocritical. And do not even attempt to say that ‘The patriarchy has forced me to write this’. Bullocks. Take responsibility for your actions, you’re an adult now.

            I bet you if your husband cheated on you, then the roles are reversed. Double Standards will ensue. You will blame him that ‘all men are sexist and only view women for sex’ excuse.


            Don’t preach something that you cannot do yourself.

          • ArmTheHarpoons says:


            You’re morbidly obese. How do you even stand up? Nothing like dying before 40 from heart disease am i right? So feminist. So empowered.

          • I'dRatherBeDeadThanBeYou says:

            I’m a larger woman, and I’m ashamed to even be the same gender as you are.
            I’m going to go get a sex change.
            Just because you CAN have sex with lots of people, doesn’t mean you should.
            Sure, it’s your life, but YOU’RE the one trashing it.
            Soon, you’ll be old, and all those rolls will sag to your knees.
            And then what?
            No man will want to lift a 200 pound fat flap to find a stanky used up vagina.

            Check your priviledge.
            You’re not the type of “woman”, if you can even be considered one, that women’s rights activists fought for back in the day.
            You’re a disgrace to females, and to humanity as a whole.

            Your husband should’ve thrown you out like the garbage you are.

      • You’re fucking disgusting. You’re a lame excuse for a woman. You make good women look bad.
        Being faithful is the greatest thing. Having sex isn’t about having a variety you filthy animal, it’s about love with your partner. But you’re the biggest retard and don’t know anything about that because you take multiple kinds of black dick in your ass. The worst part is, YOURE PROUD OF IT? You obviously are not getting any kind of justice by posting your sex life over the internet. No one wants to hear about you being a hoe. Obviously everyone on here does not agree with you and we think you’re disgusting.
        Maybe you’re not happy with yourself, and if that’s the case then you should be single. Because your husband obviously deserves better. I hope you feel like shit for what you’ve done.
        You’re filthy.

  88. The Truth says:

    Oh god, you look like Jabba The Hutt’s ugly and fatter sister. Is Harold legally blind or did he sustain massive brain damage as a child?

    It’s obvious your actions are a direct result of your insecurities, knowing you will never be good enough for a decent person who respects themselves.

    And why it is always the most undesirable people who write these delusional articles? Maybe you have to justify your horrid appearance and personality to yourself so you don’t commit suicide? Perhaps, but it sounds like Harold is almost as big of a loser as you. Scratch that, no one could almost as big as you.

      • Jay says:

        “I don’t like it when the truth comes out so I’ll call people a ‘pua loser’ because I can’t handle reality.”

          • EasyRider says:

            Why are you so obsessed with letting people know how many men you’ve slept with? It’s in this post, it’s in your bio, it’s on twitter and in these comments. You seem to be desperately seeking pats-on-the-back for shagging people – a bit like a 16 year-old highschooler.

            Poor Harold having to listen to that nonsense all the time.

            Him: “Morning, darling, did you sleep well?”

            You: “I’d just like to remind you I’ve had a lot of anal sex in my past with many different men.”

            Him: “Righto, darling.”

      • Daniel Rodriguez says:

        Oh shit I thought this was mighty awful then I noticed you are a land whale and either your husband is either fake or special needs

      • Lewis says:

        How could you do that to the man you love. There is no true justification to what you did (or who you did). it has nothing to do with some patriarchy system but rather you made the choice to betray the one man who truly loved you. It is a shameful act and you should be ashamed. Regarding your weight and self proclaimed beauty. It is true that beauty is in the of the beholder however it is plain arrogance to claim that you are when in the eyes of society you are not. Also do never take pride in being “larger”. It shows lack of self control, laziness and is a health risk so please for your own sake loose weight. I am tempted to comment on what a pathetic excuse of a human being you are but we all make mistakes and that does not mean we are bad people so now is your chance to prove it. Make up for what you have done and improve yourself

      • Gh0st says:

        I hope you get diabetes and suffer before choking on a piece of steak you fat fuck. You are the type of people the next holocaust should be aimed at you pompous slut. I hope you die a long painful death, fuckin manatee. I bet you have bits of cheese burger fuckin trapped between your mulitple chins. Ingorant whore.

      • Shelby says:

        Free ourselves into cheating right ? This article was stupid af. If you’re not sorry then get a divorce. That’s not fucking cool. That’s being a hoe. Sorrynotsorry

    • Natalie says:

      What is wrong with you? You fuck other men and blame your husband? Nobody else is to blame for the pain you caused your husband. You forgave him?! Get real.

    • Nick says:

      What in the hell did I just read?

      The first sign of lack of intelligence is the retaliation with anger when it is obvious that you did something wrong.

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